Wednesday, 17 October 2012

It's (almost) Christmas!

The world of magazines is a strange and wonderful place, always a season ahead, always thinking about the next thing. We started planning Christmas in (believe it or not) July, yanking our attention away from long summer days (wasn’t too tricky this year, funnily enough) to thinking about snow, mince pies, chilly nights and log fires. Essential for creating the mood? Playlists of carols (vetted by chief sub-editor, in-office DJ and cocktail correspondent Les). And here's a quirky behind-the-scenes fact: the whole delicious. team, plus guests, sat down together in August to eat the brilliant Christmas lunch that our food team Lizzie, Becks and Rosie have created for December 2012... Why do we sit down and try it en masse? To make sure the flavours work together on the plate – and also to make sure our time plan works to the letter.

Now, finally, after months of tasting, testing, planning and writing, the December issue has gone off in a sleigh to be printed, ready to go on sale in just about three weeks’ time.

How is the delicious. team celebrating the finishing of the issue? Not with mulled wine but with cocktails, of course – perhaps a negroni or a glass of champagne fizz. If you feel a cocktail coming on, here’s some inspiration… Cheers!